OpenPoser (Open Pose Rig for iClone)

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Control the poses of your Ai generated characters (Stable Diffusion) from iClone!


A fully rigged open pose character for posing and animating inside any iClone project. Use this character outside the started project.

Pose and animate the character in the same way you do with any other character in iClone. Make use of any of the iClone motions, motion caption motions, or any other motion that iClone supports such as those found in Mixamo, or at Actor Core. You can also do you own live mocap and get your poses in that way too. Export the images and use in your Stable Diffusion controlnet with OpenPose Chose no preprocessor, and select the OpenPose model). See complete tutorial at where i demonstrate how to easily generate panels with multiple people doing exactly what you want for you storyboards, comics, and any other seqienctial art.

The suggested workflow is best for posters, comic books, sequential art or any other media that requires more precision in the characters generated from Stable Diffusion.

Using this method you are able to easily control one or more characters in a picture. See demo video, for recommended workflow. Take it a step further and use controlnet with batch processing to generate complete animations.

How to Use

Practical Example: Storyboarding

Advanced Use case Demo: