A new feature is coming!

A new feature is currently being implemented. Supporters will now have free unlimited access to many items in the catalog.

You must be logged in and have an active subscription to any of three levels to download those items for free. Non subscribers may continue to purchase items as usual. Non-free items will be available at a discount to all subscribers. How does it work?

Each item we develop has a cost/value associated it which we would have charged had we been developing it directly for a client. This value is referred to as a “Developmental Investment Quotient (DIQ)”. So if we would have charged $1000 for the development of a character, we would need to sell 100 instances of that item in order to break even in terms of time, talent, labor, and resources in general.

Going forward, every item we publish will have a “Client Value Target (CVT)” amount associated with it. Depending on how much of this CVT has been earned back, an item may become eligible for free access across 3 different levels.

Gold subscribers will have access to all items that have reached 33% or more of their CVT. Silver patrons will have free access to items that have reached 50% or more of their CVT. And finally Bronze members will have free access to items only after they have reached their 100% or more target.

Any item that has not yet earned at least 33% of its CVT will continue to be available for sale to the general public. Also all members of these three levels will have the option to permanently own the items at discounted prices and thus contributing further to the items CVT.