Esteemed Toon Titans,

Thank you for taking the time to visit our all new community featuring an unprecedented, all you can eat buffet of animation assets and resources for animators working primarily with Flash (Adobe Animate) and CrazyTalk Animator. This community is in the Beta state and in the coming weeks we will be adding more and more items to the buffet. You may purchase any item here at the regular price just as you would at the Reallusion store. However the intention behind this new website is to provide it’s members the ability to be part of a premium, well supported community. And offer items and content I was never able to provide through the Reallusion marketplace such as tutorials and source files/templates.

There are three types of memberships and depending on which one you join you can either get some of the items for free with others at reduced rates, or you can get it all for free. I understand that at this time our catalog is not exactly “impressive” in terms of quantity but what we lack in quantity we hope to make up with quality.

With your support, we will grow our library fast. I will be release content on a regular basis.consisting from from premium tutorials, characters, clothing and modification items, motion files, source files and much more depending on demand. If you don’t see something that you need for a project, just ask I will add it to my production cue and release it as son as possible.

As a token of my appreciation for your support, all membership rates will be grandfathered to those who join prior to our official launch in December. For the time being every one can literally sign up for the price of a single character a month and get access to most items for free while the premium all you can eat plan gives you access to literally everything including my professional developer tools (Puppet Producer and Toon Titan a combined value of $119.90 ) for the cost of about two characters. An unprecedented value that will just keep on giving.

Once again, thank you for your support and don’t forget to report any bugs you come across or featured requests as we get this community off the ground. Not ready to sign up? Join the community anyway, our forums and many of the tutorials will continue to be free for everyone to join and participate.

Yours truly,

Ibis Fernandez