Cine60 Color Pallete


A beautiful set of colors expertly curated and optimized for “tv friendliness” and feature animation.

These colors allow you to paint your work in Flash in a way that not only do they not bleed on screens but also require no color correction to make the production “tv friendly”. The color pallate itself isĀ  based on harmonies produced with assistance from the Toon Titan (proper) software, and over 15 years of research in cartoon color as use in animation from early 70′ all the way up modern times. The have also been mixed and calculated beautiful combinations without bleeding or “pixel burn”.

I’ve used this tool privately for years as a “trade secret tool” and am now making it available to the public for other who may find it as useful as I have.

(Pixel burn is when you try to color correct a color but the pixels are either to bright or too dark that they won’t allow for the color to be further adjusted. It’s burned.)

This is pallete 2 of 3 in the series.

How To Install Custom Color Palletes Into Flash (Adobe Animate)

The color palletes are built for For Adobe Flash/Animate. They may work on other tools that support the CLR format. But compatibility or support on other tools is not guaranteed.