Toon Titans CTA Color Mapping for CTA Explained

This article explains my own color mapping system and recommended workflow for CrazyTalk Animator.

In order to promote higher quality use color in CTA and a more user-friendly coloring workflow, as well as improve custom color integration and maximize compatibility among all items color properties of the assets I create, it was absolutely necessary to establish a color mapping standard.

How to live the thug life in CrazyTalk Animator

Did your character just do something bad ass?
This video demonstrates how to incorporate this hilarious meme into your CTA animations. The Thug Life Kit is a smart prop that you just drag and drop into your CTA stage, and easily manipulate to add that extra bit of emphasis when ever one of your character does something deserving of the meme. The cholo walk cycle and Thug Life Kit are available for free to members of

Creating Animated Hair For Your Characters

CrazyTalk Animator is a very powerful tool. It is very easy to get lost in all the primary bells and whistles while other features and abilities go undocumented. In this video I demonstrate how to exploit an undocumented ability in order to open up a whole new area of creative possibilities. Site back as watch as I show you how to easily create animated hair for your characters. 

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