Eye Brow Color Stylizer Pack


This pack of 25 Eyebrow color presets are made so that you can quickly and effortlessly adjust characters eyebrow/body hair color of your render style compatible character using Toon Titans color mapping standard.

These stylizers will work best with Toon Titans render style characters and props.

It’s no secret that CTAs coloring system is pretty terrible. These stylizers will enhance the way you color your characters. Instead of fiddling with CTAs terrible render style sliders, you select the color that best matches your desired look. Apply the color to your character and instantly your character takes on that predefined color scheme. If you need to further tweak your characters brow color just modify the stylizers color using tha adjustment sliders, and then reapply.

How To Install

Install the Brow stylizers the same way you install the skin stylizers. Just replace the word “Skin” with “Brows”.