Eye Color Stylizer Pack


This pack of 15 eye color presets are made so that you can quickly and effortlessly color change your characters eye color without damaging the other colors in the character. Works best with Toon Titan characters and characters that have been color mapped using the Toon Titan color standard.

Just select the color that best matches your desired look. drop it onto the stage and use the “Apply Render Style” button to instantly change your characters eyes to that predefined color scheme. If you need to further tweak your characters eye color just modify the stylizers color using the adjustment sliders, and then reapply.

How To Install

Find your CrazyTalk Animators Template folder. Install to:
YOURDRIVE:\PATH\TO…\Reallusion\Template\CrazyTalk Animator 3 Template\Props\Toon Titan\color\eyes

If folders don’t exist then go ahead and create them.

You will then be able to access them from within CTA via the Content Manager, at:
Toon Titan > Color > Eyes

How To Work With The Stylizers