Hair Color Stylizer Pack


This pack of 30 hair presets are made quickly and effortlessly color your render style compatible character.

Built using ToonTitans standardized color mapping system, these stylizers will work best with Toon Titan render style characters and props.  They are also compatible with Reallusions classic g2 characters.

Note: Even though the stylizers map 4 different colors, the character that you apply them on may not use all four colors. For example, most of Billy’s hair styles only use the base color and the outline color, while others such as the upcoming anime characters will make full use of all four color shades.

How To Install


A Note To Developers

If you are creating Toon Titan compatible characters and wish to make your characters hair color fully compatible with these stylizers, the color mapping to use when mapping our your vector groups is as follows:

  • Hair 01 – The base color
  • Hair 02 – The Base colors outline
  • Hair 03 – The Shade
  • Hair 04 – The Tint