Int. La Madeblande / Day


La Madeblande is the perfect spot for a night out wining and dining.

Special attention has been placed in the potential usage of the scene and its props. Most props and construction items are Render Style compatible and can be easily manipulated to achieve your own color combinations.

Many of the props include multiple sprites whereby you can adjust various visual states, such as turning on an off the candles, enabling or disabling the shadows of the plants, or raising or lowering the blinds on the window.

Visual Ergonomic Construction

(I provably made that up.) However, this set has been constructed to adapt to a multi-plane environment and optimized for a 16:9 aspect ratio. Heavy testing was done to achieve the right balance of multi-plane distances against in CTA’s camera as well as the actual rendering and scaling of each item.

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Client Value Target (CVT): $18.00 / $500.00