• Plugin (Flash)

    Puppet Producer


    When Reallusion released CTA2, they open the doors to a whole new way to animate 2d character. By rigging up your 2d artwork in a certain way you can effective create “2d models” that can be manipulated and animated using a full on 3d skeletal system.

    The problem, however, is that the procedure is quite cumbersome and time consuming. So this is where Puppet Producer comes in. Puppet producer takes all the monotonous technical aspect of properly naming and configuring your characters pivot points and turns it into an easy to follow visual process that does not require the use of templates or manual naming.

    You simply select the part of your character that you want to configure, click the appropriate part in the Puppet Producer panel, and the plugin will “automagically” perform all the proper configurations to it, including the creation of the sprite symbol if required, naming it using the proper angle and body part name, and it will even ad the proper pivot point for the part that will be required for the skeletal system to work.

    This enables you to focus on the creative aspect of creating your own custom multidimensional characters, and the actual rigging process is virtually reduced to a few extra minutes of visual clicking and maybe some minor pivot point adjustments. Any amount of the time it really takes you to create a character is really based on how long it takes you to actually draw the stuff, you know, the creative part.

    How To Install

    How To Use

    System Requirements:
    Flash CS3 or above through latest version of Adobe Animate.
    Windows or Mac operating system that supports Flash cs3 or above.

  • Plugin (Flash)

    Toon Titan


    Toon Titan was created specifically to address the needs of animators and cartoonists who are looking for an easy way to not only increase their speed and efficiency in Flash, but at the same time allow for higher, broadcast & feature film quality artwork to be produced at a fraction of the time.

    Since it’s release, Toon Titan has become an industry standard and is currently in use by almost every mayor studio or network including Disney, Cartoon Network, and Nickelodeon.

    Toon Titan is a one of a kind, cross platform plug-in for Flash. It is compatible with all versions of Adobe Flash 8 and above, including the all new cs6 and CC editions. It will also run on both Mac as well as Windows environment.It provides a 180 degree improvement to the work-flow and allows for higher visual quality artwork to be produced at a significant fraction of the time it would normally take.

    Toon Titans unique interface and work flow is intuitive and fun. You’ll spend your time being creative rather than tweaking or adjusting settings.

    In the commercial animation industry, time is money. Even if you were to outsource your ink and pain services or hire a colorist at “minimum wage” you are still looking at thousands of dollars and countless hours spent performing this task. Toon Titan takes a process that used to take days or even weeks to accomplish and reduces it down to a matter of hours or minutes without sacrificing quality. In fact it just may improve it.

    Because the work-flow is so greatly improved, such time and money can be better put towards other areas of your production. As a result Toon Titan helps improve the overall quality of your production well beyond ink & paint, cel shading, and color management.

    Using Toon Titan