This tool allows you to playback an audio or video file at a reduced speed so that an animator or performer can perform to the audio at a reduced speed in order to generate more accurate or nuanced performances.

The ideal use case for this tool is that it allows an animator (or performer) the ability to synchronize live action performances in such a way that the performances are more detailed and nuanced for animation purposes. Using this tool/technique you are able to generate more dynamic and layered movements. this is especially useful for motion capture artists looking to generate more cartoony or dynamic movements as well as video performers that want to emphasize a more cartoony feel to their projects.

By the default the tool is set to playback your audio at 50% speed. You may adjust the speed depending on your need. The audio will play after a series of beeps that act as a countdown so that the performer may get into position in order to begin their performance. By default the number of beeps is 4, but you can also adjust this depending on your circumstances.

Keep in mind that when when capturing either with video or motion capture software, there is always an FPS involved. That software will be capturing in real-time. In order to synchronize your capture to the original sound, you will need to speed up your capture. If you were filming at 24fps for example and performing to the audio at 0.5x, then you would need to increase your generated video to 48fps in order to match the playback of the original audio at 100% speed. The result will be a more nuanced performance that matches your original audio.

Note: This tool is only for playback of audio/video files. It will not capture or generate an output file for you. The files that you use with this tool are not uploaded or stored on the server. They remain in your local device.