Refund Policy products are free of Digital Rights Management (DRM). There are no installation restrictions, serial numbers, or lock-out procedures. The process of downloading to your machine is considered delivery of service and consumption of the product. Because of the nature of the service offered herein,  this form of consumption is irreversible. There is no physical way for you to “un-download” a product, no realistic way for you to “un-learn” a premium tutorial, or “un-see” a trade secret.

In the event of an accidental purchase or subscription, please do not download anything. Instead, please and report it right away. Refunds are only provided when a product has not yet been downloaded or consumed.

We will, in good faith make a reasonable attempt to work with you if you are unsatisfied in any way, however, we encourage you to research and ask as many questions as necessary related to any item or service you wish to purchase on this site, prior to making the purchase. Have questions, please contact us here.

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