Notice: Discount Club Memberships options are no longer being offered. 

Everyone who signed up, please continue to enjoy the benefits for as long as you wish to keep your membership active. 

We will be bringing it back sometime around mid 2019 once the site content has grown much bigger. In the mean time, please feel free to purchase anything on the site directly from the catalog. 

All purchases made directly will be yours to keep forever via your downloads area. 

What’s the difference from buying an item directly versus free download as part of your pipeline subscription?

When you buy an item directly at full or discounted price. That item is yours to keep for ever and you can always come back and re-download it or upgrade it in case there is an bug fix or update on that item.

When you download the item for free as part of your membership benefits, you have full access to that item only while membership is active. Once membership is canceled, the ability to download future versions is lost. You can still keep and continue to use the item for as long as you wish, just be sure to make your own backups.