K1 Base Model


The K1 base model is the starting line for all character designs based on sidekick themed archetype.
Drop an instance of K1 onto your CrazyTalk Animator stage and add K1 compatible modifications, clothing, assets, body parts to create your own custom characters the easy way.

K1  is the first in a new line of feature animation inspired characters which promotes a departure from typical CTA G2 character construction.

Careful attention has been placed on his use of color, body configuration, and facial construction to allow for a more emotional and expressive performance.

K1’s color mappings adhere to Toon Titans color standards which were introduced with Billy 2.0 (B2) and allows for a more professional and polished feel within the constraints of CTA.

This character is fully rigged and contains all the poses and angles.

You can customize K1 by mixing and matching K1 compatible body parts. Also, because of the use of the same color mappings and use of art style he may also be backward compatible with many of B2 facial sprites which allow for even more customization possibilities.

Note: This is the bare bones, “K1” base model. The base model itself is required to build any type of derivative character that is based on the new Toon Titan Archetypes framework.  Mod packs, additional assets, and variations will be made available on this site that will allow you to turn “Kevin” into an unlimited number of original derivative characters.

Want to fully customize him? The full source file also be available for you to fully customize and create your own derivative characters using Flash (Adobe Animate)

  • Initial Release: 06/18/2018  (v1.1)
  • Updated: 07/14/2018   (v1.2)

Recommended Installation Path: ..\Reallusion\Template\CrazyTalk Animator 3 Template\Character\Toon Titan\

* Please report any bugs, issues, and improvement suggestions using our contact page.


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The all new base model, Kevin.