K1 Generic Shoes


This set of generic leather shoes is perfect for any occasion.

Alternately use this item with other G2 character body parts to mix and match your own character configurations.


  • Varied Line Weights Style
  • No Vector Outlines
  • Monochromatic Outline Colors
  • Render Style Compatible
  • Works with all G2 characters with minor size adjustments.
  • All Angles Included

This item has been upgraded since its original release!

You no longer have to adjust the colors of the base, highlight, shadows, and outlines independently. You can now change a singleĀ color of the shoe and all other colors will self adjust to a monochromatic scale that matches the base color.
New Version 2.0 – Released onĀ  9/26/2019

Updated Features:

  • Permanent Monochromatic Highlights, Shades, and Outlines
  • Reduced Vector Coloring Group to Single color.
  • Optimized Refit to K1.
  • 35% Vector Point Reduction (Optimized)
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