B2 Base Model


Drop an instance of the B2 Base Model (Billy 2.0 base) model into your work area.
Dress him up using B2 compatible clothing items.
Build your own unique characters by using custom items and mod packs.
Color him in unlimited combinations and schemes using his own unique coloring workflow.

Note: This is the bare bones, base model. The base model itself is required to build any type of derivative character that is based on the Billy 2.0 framework. Clothing, additional hair, eyes, mouths, and character modifications are available separately. Use mod packs to transform Billy into an unlimited number of derivative characters.

* You can also build your own derivative characters, body parts, clothing and more by editing the original Flash source file. Available separately.


Render Style Compatible: Use the render style feature to change the color of his skin, lips, eyes, hair, nails, and everything else quite easily.

Independent Monochromatic Outlines: The outlines used in Billy’s construction are not a single solid black outline, instead, the outlines conform to the color of the base item itself. For example, if the skin is brown, the outline for the skin can be a dark brown, while at the same time if you use a red shirt, the color of that shirt’s outline can be completely independent from the color of the skins outline. Of course if you want all the outlines to be a single black color, you can do that too. Billy’s coloring workflow is the result of painstaking research and remapping of the Reallusions original color groups.

Original Coloring Workflow: Billy can be recolored using CTA’s basic Render Style system, however, a new, faster, and more efficient workflow is introduced. You can also use a series of presets that have been created to quickly and easily add color to Billy’s various parts. You can change his skin color with just one click, or his eye color with just a click without ever having to dig through the clutter created by having so many render style groups. A stylizer system is also available which will let you create custom color groups really easy and fast. You can apply those colors to Billy with a single click or send to a friend for easier collaboration.

Extremely Smooth Rig: The joints, and body articulations have been designed and assembled in such a way that when Billy moves, not only are his movements smoother and more graceful than any character developed to date, but his range of motion are much greater than any other character to date. Billy will jump, bend, twist, and contort quite effortlessly while producing minimal (if any) joint breaks or misalignments.

Low Cost Mod Packs and Accessories: Mod packs and accessories will allow you to easily customize your Billy 2.0 base character into completely new characters. Because derivative characters are based on the same model, this means when you buy a Billy 2.0 Mod pack, such the Icarus, Lucy, or Troll, you are not technically buying a completely new character. You are merely buying the items you need to turn your base model into those new characters. Furthermore, you can combine items from different mod packs to build your own unique creations.

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