A1F – Generic Girl Template (Undressed)


This was one of my first templates, the style is a bit dated but certainly still relevant. Feel free to use to create your own original characters or modifications and share with the community. Hope you find it useful. Contains complete g2 template, fully rigged up and ready to mod inside of adobe Flash (Adobe Animate).

NOTES: Feel free to use in your own projects, royalty free. Permission is granted to modify this template and produce derivative characters and mods, and to use or redistribute such mods, either for free or commercially as long as you actually modify at least 60% of the content. This character is copyrighted, as such please do not redistribute raw unmodified versions. Please distribute only your own original derivative content.

P.S. We are looking for vendors! If you you enjoy creating content such as custom clothing items, character modifications, and derivative content and don’t already have a distribution outlet. Contact me, we can set up a vendors account here on toontitan.com and allow you to distribute your creations back to the community for fun and/or for profit!