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Watermarked Items: Reporting Thread

It has come to my attention that a watermark has crept in some of the items in the catalog. Most likely this is the result of one or some of the parts used having gotten mixed up with items that were made available through the reallusion marketplace and their DRM (digital rights management) thingie.

I'm working to trying to pinpoint which item or items these may be and any help that can be offered in reporting would be greatly appreciated and would help me get these fixed as soon as possible. items are supposed to be free of DRM and are not supposed to have watermarks or anything that may limit your usage. If you run across any item that you downloaded from this site, please help me identify it so that i can upload a DRM free version as soon as possible.

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Bruno Llerena

Hi Ibis. Many things are with watermark. Eyes, skin stylisers. All the babies collections. Angels. I need to be able to resolve this. I was not signing up on your website etc. Because I was super busy. I am a customer from Toons unlimited. And also sometimes I have the same problem. She has to send me the things with the reallusion market place. I am there to so you can send me there.

One other question? Is there any way to install the toontintan on  adobe illustrator and also the puppet producer.

Please let me know


thanks for the followup.

The skin stylizes should not have any watermarks, they were created exclusively for and were never uploaded to the RL market place. The ones on the RL market place are a different set.

Still i will review the The eye ones are definitely the same however, I'm gonna review those and make sure i have a new set without watermarks. (Temporary workaround for stylizers: They should be ok still, with or without watermarks, they are not intended for use as actual animation items, just as a coloring tool that you remove from your project once they serve their purpose.)


I'll get the baby characters and Icarus replaced ASAP, do you know if any of the Billy bases are doing the same?

Ok please, let me know when it is resolved. Icarus has the same problem than babies.  I needed for another project that I just finished and why I became a member of your site. But all with watermarks. And I could not use any of them. I only downloaded billy 2 base and is ok. I went for new tutorials that you posted. And I cannot see any of them. It says I need to be member and I am a member.

Could you please advice me to start with pop producer. Which is the best tutorial for someone who doesn't know anything how to build G2 characters? What base? What tutorials etc. I saw a video on youtube but I cannot see well because it has problems with definiton.

For puppet produce that video you speak off has been corrected. that's provably the best one at this time for getting started.

Issue with premium tutorials has been fixed. You should be able to see them directly on the product page. (temporary fix, the vids will actually go away once i finish the whole course series and will be made available as single course package.)

please let me know if you run into anything else. This site is all new and Id like for it to work as its supposed to, so every little bit of feedback helps. Hopefully all issues can be resolved by my official target launch date.

Hi Ibis,

Thanks for video in HD. I keep without being able to see the training you said it was fixed.

Another thing. Are you going to be able to resolve watermark issues? Do you know when?

What is the recommended template you suggest to start for someone who doesn't know anything? Kevin. I see many templates on your website.

I saw Jannel from Toonsunlimted do all the drawing etc on adobe animate. I know really little about Adobe animate. Do you know any good tutorial to recommend me to get it?

It is very easy to find tutorials on how to use adobe illustrator. I got amazing ones in Udemy but not on Adobe animate.



The updated version of the video is at:

Yes, I'm currently scrubbing through all my items and working out the watermarking issues.
I just finished fixing Icarus from the ground up. Would you test Redis the entire character and props. I think the wings should be fine but let me know if the watermark shows up for the wings and i will redo those as well.


Baby characters are next.

Hi Ibis,

Icarus is working. But it is still with watermark all babies and also all the stylized eyes, skin, hair and eyebrows.

Wishing you will be able to resolve soon. Because it is taking a really long time.