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K1 Base Model

Does the Adobe Animate K1 Base Model source file include all the eyes and hands sprites?

Yes, K1 is the base character in the nude. Contains all the sprites. Kevin is based on the K1 template. There will be a few more characters based on this template well. Any derivative characters based on this K1 template should be fully compatible in terms of body proportions, sprite sizes, body part interchangeability without any tweaks or adjustments.

If you create any of your own characters using this template, I encourage you to add the K1 as part of the name or description, that way people know that your characters body parts can be combined with any of the other K1 stuff so as to further increase the customization options.

Say you decide to release a hair pack, or eyes, or focus on clothing options ,By or fullfon character mords, letting people know it's a K1 part, they would know they can apply your parts to their k1 characters for best compatibility.

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