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How to install ToonTitan Titan and Puppet Producer Manually

Is the auto mirror feature still not working on Macs? I keep getting this error:

A JavaScript error occurred.

At line 22 of file "/Users/desireecross/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Animate CC 2019/en_US/Configuration/WindowSWF/flip.pp":

Error: xmlPanel: Argument number 1 is invalid.

Yes. Some Macs for what ever reason still have issues. Most likely permissions issues. I have a working alternative I'm getting ready to release. It's still a bit rough in the user interface, let me do a couple tweaks illI'make it available as aabeta test sort if thing.

Hi, I cannot install puppet producer and toontintan at all. I have adobe animate cc 2018.

I use zxpinstaller and it shows successfully installed but when I click window extensions there are empty

please help me or send me manual file

Hello ,

Just to let you know that I figure out how to solve the problem and nice product,keep working