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How to install ToonTitan Titan and Puppet Producer Manually

Hi, sorry for the delayed reply. If you installed it via zxp installer and it did not give you errors, then it should be accessible via the Window > Extensions> Puppet Producer menu.

Also sometimes if your computer is set to multiple languages, it may have installed under one of your other languages.

Please check if its accessible via the menu and let me know.


Sorry, I can't figure it out.


Did you check to see if you can access it from the Window / Extensions menu?

Thank you for responding.

I check from the Window / Extensions, it is not showing.

Just showing Color themes


Problem solved. Thank you Ibis for your help.

Awesome product. Great support.


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bafemgraphicsIbis Fernandez

I'm glad were were able to resolve it quick. I remembered a while back someone else had that same issue.
(basically, for those who may read this in the future, the issue had to do with the systems language. )

Normally extensions are installed at C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Local\Adobe\Animate CC 2018\en_US\configuration

In BAFEM's case, he's in the UK so his system (even though is technically in English, is set to a "en_GB" folder.


We located the installed files, and just dropped them into the en_US folder so they can be accessed by adobe animate.

Hi Ibis I cannot install puppet producer and toontintan at all. I have adobe animate cc 2018. I need help. I sent you a couple of days a message on the form. But you never replied. I got a membership. But most of the things are with watermark. I would like to keep with membership. But I need to be able to use your things. All babies collections are with crazy talk watermark also eyes and skin stylizers. I have crazy talk 3 the latest version. I didn't try to the templates yet and not many things. Please I need your help.

Hi thank you for reporting that. I'm going to look into it right away. I think some of my items that were uploaded to the reallusion store make have accidentally mixed in with the items from that would cause the water mark to show up. I will do a review on the items.

Also what type of issues are you having when attempting to install the pluggins. I'm happy to do a team viewer session to help you get them installed right.



I could install finally on adobe animate. I was wondering if there is anyway to install toontintan in illustrator.


Unfortunately the extensions only work with Adobe Flash. I have looked into maybe making a new version that works on Photoshop, AI, and Flash, but its a slow process. Adobe has really made it difficult for indipendent developers to hook into the software. It now involves rewriting everything in html5 and pretty much only distributing via their own repository. Im pretty much a Flash guy so having to learn to code in html5 is kind of a slow process.