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How to install ToonTitan Titan and Puppet Producer Manually

Hello Ibis,

I have tried the ZXPInstaller method with no success, is there a way I can manually install both softwares?

Which version of flash/animate are you using?
i have seen a few instances where the language of the version used might interfere. Let me know and i'll post a walkthrough.

Adobe Animate 2017 CC

Perfect! Your zxp installer is provably installing them in your en_US folder, You provably have the en_UK version... (I've seen this before with a couple other folks)....

1. Take your zxp file and rename it so the file extension is .zip
2. Extract the files take a look at this video... let me know if you run into issues, I have no problem connecting via teamviewer and helping you install it live.

Let me know if that works out.

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pillzstoreHK Art

Toon Titan can also be installed the same way.

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It actually installed, but won't show in animate. The extension list is empty.

Just saw the link you sent, I am going through that now.

Finally installed! Thanks Ibis, you have been really helpful.

YAY!!! Glad it worked. let me know if you run into any other issues.

Also I was able to track down an older video on how to use it, aside from it being based on a previous version with a few missing features it seems to cover all the important stuff...

Check out...

Heres a couple vids on on the auto mirror functions...

Theres a few people who have reported auto mirror downt work on their Macs. been trying to figure out a way to solve that for a while. Mostlikely in the next major release. hopefully your not one of the folk that are affected by it.

heres a vid on some of my own personal hidden features, i made them hidden cause they are useful to me, but for a wider audience didnt want to get to deep in having to comit to tech support LOL, use at your own risk...

This one covers the features not discussed in the first overview video...

Hello Ibis,

Please, I need help to install Puppet Producer on Animate CC.  I have installed it through ZXPInstaller but it is not showing on Adobe Animate CC.

Please help is needed.  Please is there any manual or help files.