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How do I add sprites to my character

I keep getting an error report whenever I click on the puppet producer software.


Error: adItemToDocument: Argument number 3 is invalid

Nose_0 has been set!

A Javascript error occurred!



What could be the problem?


PS: I have also imported this image from photoshop.

this is caused when Puppet producer is trying to add the pivot cpmponent onto your flash stage. theres two reasons why it happens.


1. the user is working on an html 5 document instead of an actionscript 3 document. HTML documents dont support components so naturally it wont be able to add it to the stage. the solution is to swicth to an action script 3 document.


2. the components file is not in the proper place. this happens in rare instances when people installed Puppet Producer manually. and didn't install the pivots.fla file into the proper components folder. solution, open up your configurations folder.

the configuration folder is at: XXX:\Users\YOU USERNAME\AppData\Local\Adobe\Animate CC 2018\en_US\Configuration

Just replace the xxx with the drive letter, "YOUR USERNAME" with your username, and maybe the en_US to your own machines language in case youre using something other than english.

In the configuration folder there should be a folder called Components. In newer versions of flash you may have to manually create that components folder. So make sure there is a folder called Components, inside of that a folder called Puppet Producer. In that Puppet Producer folder, place the pivots.fla file and as long as you're working in an actionscript 3 documents, it should be able to work just fine.


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Problem solved. Thanks!

I will also appreciate you do a character creation tutorial video and how to export from animate to CTA.

In flash, go to :

File > Export Movie

Give it a name. This will reder it out into a Flash file (*.swf)

In CTA, just dump any g2 character onto the stage.

Select the character, and click the first button (Composer Mode)

On the left you will see the SWF button. This allows you to import your SWF file and replaces your current character with the one you just made.