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Help With Puppet Producer

I copied this process of creating a character from scratch using Puppet Producer:

However when I upload to CTA from Adobe Animate, all I see are just the bones and no images of my character.

Any help is much appreciated.  Thanks.



I would have to see see the source file for myself. If all you see is the bones, then there's gotta be something going on with the naming of the sprites themselves. Maybe you are setting up the wrong angle?  If you like you can send me the sourcefile directly to and i can take a quick look.


I just sent the flash file.

Thank you for your time and assistance.



Ibis, thank you for taking on my little character project.  I have finally understood about setting up the body joints.  My only problem which I can't seem to get it right is doing the waist joint (half circle) technique.  Slowly getting there with my first character model.

Update:  Missing hands and face.



Ibis, any chance you can do a face tutorial for Puppet Producer?



the character is looking great! for the hip region, looks like you got it. The hip is basically just a circle with the pivot in the center (or slightly offset below the center. The upper torso has the same size circle except for the bottom of that circle is cut up but the joint stays at the center of that circle, though the torso extends upward. If you are having layering issues, that can be fixed by adjusting the joint mask later on once you bring it into CTA.

You got it! I will do a tutorial on facial rigging next, maybe within the next couple days, I'll set up some time for that.

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HK Art

Ibis, when loading SWF in CTA3, the torso and other sprites are not align correctly in CTA3.  Sprites are floating in composer mode in CTA.  Any suggestions?  Thanks.

OK,  I figured it out.  I had some hidden pivot points on the stage.  I zoomed out and cleared the stage by drawing a square and  deleted all camouflage hidden pivot points within the square.