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Batman Missions Episodes


Your Batman Missions Episodes, did you rig them as G1, G2, or G3 characters?  Awesome job!  My sons loves them!  Keep them coming!

They were G2 and G3 characters. Most were G2, you can tell by the way they move or in the case of G3, you can tell by the way they bend and flop around like wet noodles.

Thank you for the compliment. I was just one person on a team. But had an amazing experience working on this project and being part of a team utilizing CTA for something geared at a mass mainstream audience.

It was a 12 episode series which I think all episodes are out now. Here hoping there will be a season two and that CTA continues to grow and be adopted for use in professional productions.

BTW heres how you can tell the difference between G2 and G3 LOL....




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HK Art

When rigging up a toy, after cutting up the sprites, do you turn the sprites into symbols?  Is there a need for joints because the sprites are already symbols?

Possible you do a quick tutorial on how to rig up a toy model, such as Batman?