Perception Neuron Body Measurement Tool


Measurements On File

Snookie McGee

About This Tool: This tool serves as a quick way to capture body measurements of your actors for use with Perception Neuron.

This makes it easier to capture measurements on the go without the need to input directly into the Axis Neuron or Axis Studio software.

Instead you can pull up this tool to quickly capture the measurements and have the files save to a file in mass. You can then use these files later on to input the data into the Axis software.

In the event of a large production this can prove to be an efficient tool because you can have an assistant help you take the measurements, or ever get the actors themselves to submit their measurements prior to arriving on set. This bypasses the need to hog up the Axis neuron software and give you the benefit of also being able to store copies of the stats in a separate locations for future access or for taking your data with you as you move to different locations or machines.

Be sure to download your files to your local machine. Any files left on the server will be deleted after 24 hours.

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