Professional Membership

$74.95 $49.95 / month

This membership will grant an “all you can eat” pass to all available “core” catalog items along with additional features for those who wish to further customize the items or create their own :

  • Characters
  • Assets and Props
  • Motion Files
  • Forum Access
  • Character Dev Kits (Source Files!, fully rigged FLA and PSD Templates)
  • Assets and Props Source Files  (Fla, PSD, Ai, Etc)
  • Exclusive Resources (Tutorials and Videos)
  • Raw BVH Motion Files
  • Professional Tool Kit:
    • Toon Titan – Cel Shading and Color management system for Flash*
    • Puppet Producer – Character Rigging plugin for Flash*
    • Perception Neuron Profile for 3dxchage for quickly converting PN BVH to iclone and CTA compatible motion files.
    • More to come.

This membership is suitable for all of those looking to fully embrace character development and design from the ground up. You get access to all the catalog item in the core and advanced packages but also with a unique collection of exclusive tools such as Toon Titan and Puppet Producer which allow for the creation of your own assets from scratch without the need for templates or pre-rigged source files. Additionally you get full access to the exclusive documentation and tutorials targeted exclusively for professionals.

*  Flash is the same product as “Adobe Animate CC”.  Adobe has recently re-branded their software with anew name, but its basically the same product.

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